Science and Light at The Lost City is a great way to engage your class with the electromagnetic spectrum and have a great time doing it!

Bring your elementary class to a Science and Light session at The Lost City for an affordable field trip and learn how laser tag works! First, kids are taught about the different sections of the electromagnetic spectrum and how they interact with the laser tag equipment. They are taught about reflection and refraction, and how fluorescent materials seem to glow under UV light. Best of all, the class gets to experience everything they learn first-hand by playing laser tag! Fun and educational, field trips just don't get any better!
Contact Jake by phone at 616-396-6746 or by email for pricing and availability.

Science and Light Field Trip Group

"We loved our time at The Lost City. The staff was very knowledgable about the properties of light and did an outstanding educational presentation. My students were engaged and were able to connect what we studied in class to a real world situation. We also appreciated having the entire facility to ourselves. After the trip, my students said that this was the best field trip they have ever had!"

-Amanda Gallagher