Nexus Laser Tag

The Jewel of THE LOST CITY is the 5,000 square foot, multi-level, Nexus laser tag arena. Designed by the leading laser tag consultant in the country, it has proven to be the most fun, challenging arena in West Michigan.

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Nexus Laser Tag FAQ's

Q: How long does it take to play one game of Laser Tag?
A: Each game of Nexus Laser Tag is about a 20 minute process. There is 12 minutes of actual play time, and about another 8 minutes for briefing, vesting, scorecards, etc.

Q: How many people can play in one game of Laser Tag?
A: Our arena is designed to hold up to 32 people at a time.

Q: Do I need a reservation to play Laser Tag?
A: It depends. Typically if you have less than 10 people, you don't need a reservation. If you have more than 10 people or are coming at a busy time, we recommend you call ahead so we can make sure your group can get in right away.

What is Nexus Laser Tag?

Laser tag is a fun, social game, best played with lots of friends! It is a team or free-for-all game, with players suiting up in one of eight different color vests. The players enter the darkened, black lit arena. Fog, music, and lighting effects all set the stage. The game begins, and players tag their opponents with blasts of the green phaser beams. When you get zapped, you're simply deactivated for a few seconds, and then you're back in the action! You're never out of the game in Nexus Laser Tag. After the game ends, each player receives an individual scorecard showing the results of the action.

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